Quoting from Gordon Warner & Donn F. Draeger :  After World War II in 1945, and after the United States, relinquished the ban on Martial Disciplines in Japan. Within the year of 1947, some forms of Iai-jutsu were restyled as IAI-DO.  The ZEN NIPPON KENDO REMMEI ( All Japan Kendo Federation ) became in charge of its New Structure.  Post War Kendo exponents primarily practiced as sport, and they only had experience with the Shinai (Bamboo sword), and that there are Numerous Techniques that are impossible to do with a Real Sword. With that the Federation felt Modern Kendo ( Shinai Kendo ) was not the true  “Way Of the Sword “.  To remedy this dilemma the Federation in 1967 issued a committee of high ranking experts ( SENSEI ) to codify sword drawing techniques and cutting strokes and cuts with the Shinken (Live Blade), so Kendo Students might be better able to understand the “True Essence” of the way of the Sword. The committee issued that SEVEN Techniques or WAZA would be adequate.  Three Kneeling (Seiza ), One Tate Hiza, (A Samurai sitting position in Armor) and  Four Tachi – IAI ( Standing walking Technique) These Waza or Forms were called : Zen Nippon Kendo Remmei Seitei Iai Gata.

Odo Seikichi Sensei being an Okinawa Karate and Kobudo (Weapons) Practitioner felt the same way that students studying the Art of Okinawa Kobudo weapons, and that their focus and defense was primarily against the Japanese Katana (Shin Ken –  Live or Sharp Blade ) also to have a “True Essence”, an Understanding on the Manipulation of the Japanese Sword. In that fact Odo Sensei adopted those same Seven Waza from the All Japan Kendo Federation.   On adopting these Waza into the Kobudo Curriculum keeping with Okinawa Weapons Heritage “MOTOBU UDUNDI” Odo Sensei added into the Waza, his personal slight Essence of Motobu Udundi and the Essence of MUGAI RYU Swordsmanship.  Odo Sensei Coined the Name,  “ IAI-NUKI”  Seven Draws.  IAI – refers to the numerous positions of the Body and to quickly adapt oneself, to respond with flexibility of the Mind to also Coincide with Physical Action, NUKI – Meaning to Pull Out , to Draw and Cut.

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JAPANESE SWORDSMANSHIP  Technique and Practice By Gordon Warner and Donn F. Draeger  WEATHERHILL  New York & Tokyo