Keiko Ha


Japanese Swordsmanship

Study sword drawing, combative exercises, basic kendo practice, philosophy, and culture.

Program Focus


Kei Ko Ha The Kanji Kei means to train, practice or think about. While the added Ko means the past or before. While these kanji are actually Chinese and were translated into Japanese, then to English and when combined is a Term meaning to Study, Ponder, and Reflect on the Past of Ancient Ancestors. Adding the final kanji, Ha, means School or Group, which can be Viewed as a School of Thought.

Sword Drawing (Iaido)

The refined process of drawing and cutting with the sword. New students use an unsharpened blade.

Combatives (Kenjutsu)

Using two-person combative drills and a variety of exercises with wooden bokken or bamboo shinai.

Basic Kendo Practice

Safe environment utilizing protective gear allowing the students to practice offense and defense.

Philosophy and Culture

As important as the combative components. This program seeks to explore the deeper aspects of Japanese Budo philosophy and how it can apply to daily life.

Discover more about traditional methods of swordsmanship.
Fit for all ages and experience levels.

About the Instructor

Rick Zondlo has been a student of the martial arts for over four decades. He has instructor grade licenses in Okinawa Kenpo Karate and weaponry directly from Odo Seikichi. He has continued to pursue sword studies primarily in the arts of Eishin Ryu and Jigen Ryu.

How To Become a Student


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Decide if it is right for you.

Weigh the cost and time committment.


Begin your studies and journey.

It will be an enriching experience.

"Studying swordsmanship with Zondlo Sensei was a key point in my martial arts development. It unlocked not just aspects of my sword training, but karate and kobudo as well. I would recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their training."

– Matthew Apsokardu

Although I started out in Taekwondo, I always had a fascination with iaido and kenjutsu. This program was the perfect way for me to explore those arts.

– Eric Mest

The sword program was extremely inviting and provided the kind of mental growth and physical fitness I was looking for.

– Kathy Focht

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ODO SEIKICHI :  IAI-NUKI - SEVEN DRAWS - HIS SWORD ART DEFINED Quoting from Gordon Warner & Donn F. Draeger :  After World War II in 1945, and after the United States, relinquished the ban on Martial Disciplines in Japan. Within the year of 1947, some forms of...

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